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We believe in delivering professional and well working results and solutions to our clients. Results that are based on our high level of service and strong business ethics. We understand the benefit in providing unique services and always strive for results that lead to our customers' success.




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Q Advice is a "know-how" company, always trying to exceed customer expectations. Our approach to business is a direct result of this. In order to achieve it, a stringent recruitment strategy is implied that only the very best consultants and instructors in the business are able to service our clients. Some of our consultants have even been awarded the title Microsoft MVP in their technology areas.

Q Advice was established in 2001 by founder Jimmy Andersson as a consulting organization providing proactive and reactive support services, solution analysis, solution design/implementation and technology seminars. We also offer customized training and seminars. This approach has been critical to the success of both our customers and Q Advice itself by allowing them to fully realize the potential of the solutions provided.



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